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We are always looking for talent to contribute to our growth and that of our clients.
Our specialist divisions cover all areas of digital transformation, from consultancy to digitally enabled solutions.

If you are looking for a new opportunity that can change your life, check out our vacancies page and apply now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to write a dissertation at the company?

Yes, as part of a curriculum-based placement. Students will be supported by a tutor who will help them write their dissertation and provide on-the-job training, allowing them to enter the work world with a future in the company.

What is the selection process like?

If your profile matches our search, the candidate is contacted by a recruiter for a cognitive interview, which helps assess technical and soft skills and the motivational aspect. In case of mutual interest, we will contact the candidate again for a second interview, which is useful for gaining a deeper understanding of technical skills in the presence of professionals.

Do you work remotely? What is your working model?

At Key Partner, everyone has decision-making autonomy. The only rule to be respected is to be on-site once a week; beyond that, and in agreement with your manager, we allow you to choose the working model that best suits your personal needs between hybrid or fully remote.

How does technical training work?

Training is on the job, with a mentor who follows our employees’ professional and personal development. We provide training courses through an in-house academy and support employees in obtaining technical certifications. At Key Partner, we strongly believe in continuous and innovative training, as our employees are crucial for the company’s development and growth.

How does the internal growth track work?

At Key Partner, growth is not tied to fixed timetables but determined based on merit and results. We focus on transversal skills and character traits, which managers assess annually using a standard performance assessment form.

In general, at least a few years’ experience is required to take on the responsibilities of each role without prejudice to the principle of absolute meritocracy. The path is very streamlined: cons, sen, managing, manager, senior man. Within our company, and thanks to professional teams, our employees can grow and develop their skills, following professional development paths aimed at realising individual talents.

Is the search and selection process open to people living abroad?

Thanks to an agile working method, the search and selection process is open to all candidates living abroad. Our teams work online, ensuring constant communication and face-to-face time with colleagues, a method also adopted by our Italian offices.