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The italian ict market grows (2022) with continued investment in digital solutions


In 2025, 90 times more data (180 zettabytes) will be produced than in 2010


The value of the artificial intelligence market in 2030 (in usd). In 2023, the market will be worth 300 billion

Solutions for corporate digital evolution

We help businesses become more competitive by designing, implementing and managing customised digital solutions that create efficiency and automation, accelerating the path to the data-driven model.

Raises the level of innovation and productivity Digital Apps

We develop customised digital applications that best meet our customers’ functional needs, requirements and strategies.
We optimise their processes with effective, state-of-the-art digital tools that adapt to use cases and offer a modern and practical user experience.

Maximise process efficiency and resilience Hyperautomation

We help companies optimise and automate as many processes as possible to enhance their operational efficiency, productivity and security. We adopt a hyper-automation approach through the right mix of technical and domain expertise and advanced tools, including Artificial Intelligence, RPA, IPA and low-code platforms, which accelerate the time-to-market of solutions.

Realise the full value of data Advanced Analytics

We accelerate enterprises’ journey towards the data-driven paradigm, helping them harness the full power of their data to make better decisions and drive business success. We develop infrastructures and solutions for data collection, management, processing and analysis, integrating them into business processes and practices.

Accelerate processes and enhance collaboration Interoperability

We overcome the limits of organisational and technological silos by developing solutions that break down unstructured and manual operations within complex processes. We enable end-to-end management of internal and external processes by implementing accurate data integration and developing interconnection fabrics, guaranteeing security, speed and data certainty.

Prepare your company for the challenges of today and tomorrow Cloud Migration

We help companies realise the full potential of the cloud, making it an engine of efficiency, competitiveness and growth. Thanks to our cross-industry experience, we offer companies application modernisation services with a Cloud Native perspective and lifecycle management according to DevOps and CI/CD principles. We also enhance performance and architectural elements, optimising of the user experience, business continuity and maximising security according to security-by-design principles.

The present and future competitiveness of businesses is based on modern and innovative digital solutions, which can accelerate processes, create automation, enable new working models and exploit the full potential of data.
At Key Partner, we have a virtuous mix of skills, experience and technological partnerships that allows us to respond to these needs promptly, always with an advisory approach, proximity and presence throughout the digital evolution process.