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The proportion of cyber attacks (2022) against italian subjects. In 2021 it was 3.4%


The average cost (in dollars) of a global data breach


Average time to detect a security incident


Percentage of opportunistic, non-targeted attacks attributed to cybercrime

Your ally in Cyber Resilience

We help organisations design and implement a concrete, risk-based security strategy aligned with business needs that is effective against internal and external threats to business continuity, confidentiality, integrity and data availability.

Identify your risks and define your strategy Security Strategy & Consulting

We collaborate with our clients to define the best security strategy based on threat risks and compliance requirements. We provide strategic advice to help CISOs and DPOs design and coordinate security projects and initiatives to ensure that all information and technology assets are adequately protected in line with business goals.

Protecting and managing digital identities Identity, Access, Privilege Management & Governance

We manage and protect the entire lifecycle of digital identities with a zero-trust approach, centrally managing access risks and securely connecting distributed entities to distributed services, even in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Detect and respond to threats Threat Detection, Investigation & Response

We implement tools, solutions and strategies to proactively detect and respond to cyber threats in context, with highly automated threat detection, vulnerability management and digital monitoring processes enhanced by threat intelligence.

Measure your security from the attacker's perspective Offensive Security

We provide Vulnerability Assessment (VA), Penetration Testing (PT) and Code Review services to assess the level of security of applications and infrastructure by conducting simulated attacks using the techniques of real attackers. Our team of certified analysts use the best internationally recognised standards and methodologies.

Preparing people as the first line of defence Security Training & Awareness

We train and educate business users on cyber threats and security best practices using innovative approaches such as gamification, hands-on exercises (cyber range) and crisis simulations. This way, we prepare users as the organisation’s first line of defence.

Keep your data safe Data Security

Using a data risk governance model based on the NIST Framework for Data Discovery, Monitoring and Protection principles, we develop a comprehensive approach to protecting data wherever it resides: in the cloud, databases, or files.

Protect your infrastructure Network, Infrastructure & Cloud Security

We protect and monitor our customers’ networks, infrastructure and IT assets, regardless of architecture, whether on-premises, in a cloud environment or a hybrid configuration. We take a modern zero-trust approach to ensure maximum security, managing assets, vulnerabilities, access points and service exposures with precision and constant attention.

Prevent cyber-attacks End Point Protection

We help organisations defend themselves against internal and external attack points with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions that rapidly spot and mitigate zero-day attacks, strengthen defences against common threats, and provide device management and monitoring.

Implement security measures Application Security

We protect application assets throughout their lifecycle, from design to secure release and operation. We supply integrated solutions for distributed environments, including tools for authentication and access control, API protection, and continuous threat detection and management.

Extend protection to the industrial perimeter (OT) OT Security

We support organisations with ad hoc know-how and solutions to ensure visibility, protection, anomaly detection, and secure remote access to OT and IoT devices, introducing and extending security principles, methodologies and technologies within the five layers of the Purdue model.

Digitalisation exposes every business to increasingly insidious threats. Thanks to the synergy between our business units, we are addressing the digital evolution of companies across the board, combining the development of innovative solutions with the protection of business continuity and the most valuable corporate asset, data.
This enables our customers to harness the full power of digital and focus on what really matters: competitiveness and growth.