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Growth of the italian management
consulting market until 2022


Growth of digital investment
in Italy in 2022


The growth of the process
mining solutions market

Operational Excellence and Innovation

We help organisations with cross-industry management consulting services aimed at operational excellence, helping them identify opportunities for improvement and innovation that translate into a tangible competitive advantage.

Improve your processes Digital Operational Excellence

We analyse and redesign processes using Lean Six Sigma techniques, supported by structured approaches, the involvement of process experts and the measurement and analysis of results.

Effectively manage complex projects Program & Project Management

We support organisations with methodologies, tools and resources to manage projects of great organisational complexity.

Turning change into an opportunity for success Reviewing organisational models

We redesign organisational structures (organigrams and function charts) in line with the strategic goals of the company’s top management.

Achieve growth objectives quickly Strategy and Post M&A

We help organisations develop effective M&A strategies and successfully manage all post-M&A phases.

Improve decision-making and competitiveness Development of management systems

We support management in various decision-making areas by developing and implementing customised business intelligence and analytics solutions.

Managing change effectively and sustainably Change Management

We help companies develop communication, training and engagement programmes to support change at all levels.

We want to be a true Italian management consulting boutique that takes on the needs and problems of its stakeholders and manages them with experience and passion, accelerating the path to the future.