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An all-round commitment to sustainability

Our solutions help businesses operate more sustainably while remaining mindful of our impacts on the planet, communities, and people. To this end, we apply an integrated system of social, environmental and governance policies internally to create positive impacts beyond economic growth.

Reducing environmental impact

We are committed to minimising our environmental impacts by implementing environmentally sustainable practices and technologies, empowering people, and promoting behaviour that will reduce emissions and protect the planet.

Energy Consumption

We are committed to implementing projects to reduce consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, such as promoting separate waste collection and material recycling programmes.

Green software

Our software solutions follow the Green Software Foundation guidelines. The use of low-code technologies is another step in this direction.

Green Program

We show our commitment to environmental sustainability by participating in prominent Green Program such as Save the Bees and Treedom.

Plastic Free

Through targeted policies and initiatives, we are phasing out the use of plastic in our workplaces, contributing to a greener environment.


We hold various environmental certifications, such as ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Standard) and ISO 14064 (Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory)

Company Materials

Our employees must return company materials that, if not reusable, are disposed of correctly according to waste-sorting principles.

Social Sustainability and Empowerment

We are actively committed to social issues and recognise that our greatest treasure is the people we work with. We promote ethical working conditions, healthy environments, labour rights, corporate social responsibility and social dialogue.

Collaborative working environment

We foster a culture that encourages collaboration and creativity through initiatives that focus on open communications and the exchange of ideas.

Valuing people

We value people’s abilities and establish a dynamic of trust and individual empowerment along transparent and meritocratic career development.

Equal opportunities

We are committed to promoting inclusion and raising awareness of diversity and equal opportunities.

Gender Gap

We do not tolerate discrimination or pay differentials based on gender.


Among our most significant certifications are SA 8000 for workers’ rights and ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety.

Solid and ethical management principles

All our activities are based on faithful compliance with the applicable rules and procedural regulations of the company. Integrity is a core principle of our operations, which we extend to everyone who works with us.

Code of Ethics

A governance document par excellence, our Code of Ethics defines the principles governing our operations and relationships with all stakeholders.


We are committed to the highest standards of ethical behaviour to combat all forms of corruption within our business and along our supply chain.


We are committed to transparency and full accountability for our actions.


We will scrupulously abstain from disclosing any company or personal data in compliance with all applicable data protection regulations.


We are committed to protecting individual freedom, rejecting all forms of corruption, whether direct or indirect.