Logs record and store everything that happens inside and outside a company, such as statistics, transactions status, errors, system accesses, network traffic and much more. They are a precious resource for companies which intend to take advantage of it to efficiently achieve their objectives removing all operational and management problems.

On the journey to Digital Transformation, it is better to entrust the intricate and delicate Log Management activities to the most suitable tool: Elastic Data Manager is the innovative log management software that collects, analyzes and stores all data generated by your company’s distributed infrastructure in a single centralized aggregation system. With Elastic Data Manager you can minimize time analysis and implement proactive process management for immediate problem resolution.

Trust Key Partner for your Log Management needs

Tangible Benefits

Decreasing operating costs

Immediate troubleshooting and real-time analysis

A modular and scalable system that grows with your company

Non-invasive extraction of logs

Centralized log collection

Problem determination

Advanced integration algorithms

End to end management for business processes

Predictive Alerting

Elastic-a technology

The Elastic-a suite we use for data extraction, archiving, protection and analysis consists of five scalable, distributed and flexible open-source software:

Elasticsearch – indexing, and searching of data

Logstash – data normalization

Kibana – real-time data analysis

Beats – data collection

xPack – data protection


Advanced Features

Metricbeat: possibility to integrate the solution by adding a dashboard dedicated to the infrastructural status of the machines

APM (Application Performance Monitoring): through the appropriate APM agents it is possible to monitor the applications

Machine Learning: the system can perform advanced analysis and automatically detect any anomalies on the applications

Graphing Connection: advanced graphical functionality, which allows you to see how the elements of an index in Elasticsearch are related to each other

Dashboard with Full Text Search

Stack open source: scalable and integrable with many of the standards related to the big-data world, Hadoop, Apache Spark

Solid origins deriving from the Apache Lucene project