Key Partner embodies the spirit of the time and anticipates the challenges of the future. We do not adapt ourselves to innovations, but we create them by giving our customers the opportunity to take advantage of the digital competition through the integration of consolidated, reliable and practical solutions with the latest trends and innovations.

Our added value is tangible thanks to our smart consultancy services enhanced by years of experience, expertise, and innovation.


Innovate your company with DevOps

The need to involve the customer and deliver quality software in less time led to the development of the Agile methodology, focused on a less rigid and structured approach aimed to streamline all phases of software development and release processes.

Digital Transformation has led to a further cultural revolution within companies: the DevOps method

Development + Operations is a methodology that fills an important gap in the corporate culture, namely the management of communication dysfunctions due to traditional cultural barriers and rigid anachronistic schemes that make companies ineffective in Industry 4.0.

The DevOps culture puts in close contact the departments dedicated to development (Development) with operational ones (Operations and tests) generating a more harmonious and efficient work ecosystem.

The implementation of DevOps improves software releases speed through test automation: the risk of errors is drastically reduced, and the resolution of issues is immediate thanks to the mutual and continuous feedback between the teams.
All this leads to a sharp improvement in productivity and quality, higher value generation and new customer experience.


Faster Time to Market

Identifying errors and issuing the quickest fixes

Increasing the quality of releases

Increasing the frequency of releases

Efficiency and transparency of IT processes

Rapid detection of anomalies

Cost reduction

Increased productivity


Container Deployment e Management : we adopt container technology to reduce provisioning times

CD/CI (Continuous Delivery & Continuous Integration ): we integrate them with collaboration tools and project management software such as Slack, Trello, Skype4Business, and Telegram to guarantee smoother management of work processes

Proactive Monitoring

Configuration management

Automated testing

Application & system lifecycle

Private, hybrid e public cloud, which we implement both on-premise and in cloud mode, ensuring maximum flexibility